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Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses At Aurora Training Institute

Education is currency in the workplace, and pursuing tertiary education shows your future employer that you’re curious, passionate and skilled for the job at hand. With so many professional learning and development courses available, it can take time to know the right pathway.

Aurora Training Institute offers nationally recognised diplomas that help you develop personal and professional skills. Whether you’ve recently graduated high school, are looking to reenter the workforce or seeking a qualification that allows you to get to the next level in your career, a diploma is a fantastic way to get you where you need to go.

What is a Diploma?

A Diploma is a tertiary-level practical qualification that trains and educates students to enter the workforce. A diploma will teach you foundational knowledge in your desired area of study, making you confident and job ready after you’ve completed the qualification. In addition to foundational knowledge, a diploma teaches critical thinking and communication, transferable skills no matter what industry or job you work in.

The Benefits of Studying a Diploma Course

Diploma courses help advance your career, build on your existing skills, or even prepare you for university study. You’ll obtain specialised skills in your chosen study area in less time than in other tertiary-level education. Here are the top five reasons to study a diploma with Aurora Training Institute.

Fewer Prerequisites

Diplomas have very few prerequisites required for enrollment. You’ll need to provide your ATAR score for entry to most courses, but if you don’t have one, we can determine your eligibility for the course based on prior study, work experience and existing professional qualifications.

Flexible Learning

We want our students to feel empowered to learn and to have the space to stay motivated while studying. At Aurora Training Institute, we offer a flexible online and in-person learning environment. Our online training is particularly beneficial for those working full-time who need to learn at their own pace to fit study into their busy schedule.

Get Qualified In Less Time than University

Compared to other qualifications, earning a diploma takes significantly less time to complete. Typically, a diploma qualification only requires one or two years of study compared to a bachelor’s degree, which can take at least three to four years. The benefit of studying for a diploma is that you’ll have the skills and knowledge in your industry without attending university.

Pathway to Future Study

A diploma is a fantastic way to gain foundational knowledge to start your career. If you’ve found a new passion and want to learn more, a diploma is a natural pathway to a university degree if you want to continue learning and pursue further study.


For many students, a big drawcard to choosing a diploma is that diplomas are less expensive than other qualifications. In most cases, a diploma can cost less than half of a university degree, so you’ll be in a far better financial position after finishing it. Additionally, government subsidies are available for eligible students beginning a diploma like other qualifications.

Study an Online Diploma

Not everyone can dedicate the same time or contact hours to study and to offer education and professional development, we understand the need for flexible learning. Advanced digital learning programs and applications make studying online more accessible than ever. All of the nationally recognised diploma courses taught at Aurora Training Institute have flexible online learning plans which students can engage with to complete their diploma.

Study a Diploma Course with Aurora Training Institute

A diploma opens you up to a world of possibilities, and we’re serious about providing our students with world-class education and training to help them achieve anything they want. Learn business skills, work in the community sector, develop leadership skills, become an early childhood educator, work as a counsellor and so much more. Anything is possible with Aurora Training Institute.


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