Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Aurora Training Institute works with small and large businesses to help them choose the right training to suit their business needs.

In order to ensure the training fits the business needs, an Aurora Training Institute trainer will conduct an initial training needs analysis of each employee involved in the training. This will allow our trainer to identify the specific needs of each trainee and then customise the training to generate the best results for your business.

Our trainers are qualified industry experts and are committed to seeing students reach their full potential. Through the duration of the course, regular trainer contact and progress reports will be used to ensure a superior standard of training is being delivered.

Under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, employers offering skills-based training to employees may be eligible to receive funding from the Australian Government (eligibility criteria applies) to cover nationally recognised training costs.

Employer Advantages

  • Access to nationally accredited courses
  • Access Government funding to offset training costs
  • Access to industry qualified and experienced trainers

Employee Advantages

  • Increased levels of job satisfaction
  • Increased motivation and team morale
  • Increased performance and productivity

So, if you are looking for a flexible and cost effective way to train your employees, then contact our team today.

Student Contribution Fees:

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