VET Student Loans

What is VET Student Loans?

VET Student Loans is a government loan scheme that allows you to pay for your tuition fees for certain qualifications as you study and re-pay the loan back later once your income exceeds $51,550 (based on 2023/24 financial year).

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and Aurora Training Institute has a selection of VET Student Loan approved courses for you to choose from.

Are you eligible for VET Student Loans?

To receive a VET Student Loan, you must:

1. be an eligible student

2. be studying an approved course

3. be studying with an approved course provider

4. apply to the government using the approved form, which will be managed through your provider, and

5. confirm your engagement and progression to continue to access the loan throughout your course.

To be an eligible student, you must meet ALL of these criteria – further detailed below.

You are:

– an Australian citizen, or

– a qualifying New Zealand citizen, or

– a permanent humanitarian visa holder, who is usually resident in Australia.

Your FEE-HELP balance (the amount of your FEE-HELP limit you have left) is more than $0. This means you have enough FEE-HELP limit remaining for your proposed studies to be covered by the loan.

You are enrolled with an approved course provider in an approved course and have enrolled in accordance with the application requirements.

You are studying the approved course primarily at a campus in Australia.

For further information on eligibility read our Student Information Booklet

For further information on VET Student Loans, visit the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training website.

Reach out for more information.