Sea World Resort

Feb 16, 2022

Student News

BY: Blaire McSorley

Our Hospitality students from SCOTS PGC College were given the opportunity to work and experience all facets of Sea World Resort, including housekeeping, concierge, kitchen, restaurant, food and beverage skills, stewarding, reception, engineering, stores, loading docks and reservations.

Day one was spent meeting all employees and then off they went, straight to work! They were put into 4 different groups so not all 22 students were together, meaning they could get used to working with different people.

There were also training/information sessions for the students on how to become a staff member in any of the Village Roadshow parks/Resorts.

At the end of Day two a graduation ceremony was held and all students received a certificate of participation. This year Olivia Lack received the STAR Award for the stand-out student, this is picked by employees and is a recognition of her outstanding efforts throughout the day.

What and amazing experience for our students!

We took part in almost everything there was to offer, from housekeeping to concierge to engineering to restaurant shifts, there was never a dull moment. Working in the resort also tested out navigation skills, with over 400 rooms, making your way to the pool or the Shoreline Restaurant or to your next shift was a challenge in itself. Finally, on behalf of all hospitality students, I’d like to thank Mrs Melissa Bellingham, Mrs Beverly Hobbs and Ms Kirsten Fisher for organising and accompanying us on this wonderful trip.

Alexandra Rickert

Hospitality Student